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WSB-TV Interviews Sarah Beeson

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

As City Council pushed to limit housing choice in Roswell, Sarah Beeson pushed back.

Recently, Roswell City Council made massive changes to the city's Unified Development Code which would hinder housing choice for Roswell residents. Sarah Beeson has been one of the community's most vocal opponents of this change, giving public comment at every relevant Council meeting about the potential negative impacts.

“We're already strapped for labor here locally. This change is only going to make that more difficult.”

Sarah Beeson has issued several comments to Mayor and Council -- both in person and in writing -- explaining that by limiting housing choice in Roswell, the city is limiting homeownership options and displacing our city's workforce. Sarah Beeson oversees hiring for her family's small business, which has been based in Roswell for more than two decades. Additionally, she has dedicated research to the issue during her studies toward her doctorate focused on city planning at the University of Georgia.

Roswell Needs Housing Choice

Sarah Beeson has been emphatic that while she supports the Mayor and Council's effort to encourage mixed-use development and being a family-friendly city, however these changes to the Unified Development Code are not the way to achieve this goal. Instead, she argues, the city should be working with developers to identify the types of projects best suited for specific parts of Roswell. Beeson stated at a recent City Council Meeting:

"If you want to increase commercial development in the East, then rezone East Roswell. That's the point of a zoning map. Don't paint all of Roswell with the same brush."

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