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Sarah Beeson



Sarah Beeson first moved to Roswell in 1998 where she attended Mountain Park Elementary and participated in softball, drama, gymnastics, and dance through Roswell Parks & Rec. While attending Georgia State University to obtain her Bachelor's degree, Sarah continued to live in Roswell — renting in River Mill Condominiums and commuting to college via MARTA. Today, she considers herself lucky to purchase a home and raise her children alongside her husband in the same city where she grew up. Sarah enjoys giving back to the Roswell community by volunteering with organizations such as Keep Roswell Beautiful, Children's Restoration Network, Helping Mamas, Homeless Period Project, and more. 


Sarah Beeson helps run her family's small business — an engineering consulting firm which has been based in Roswell for nearly 25 years. She advocates on behalf of small businesses as a member of the Leadership Council for the National Small Business Association. She has also served as the North Fulton lead for Abundant Housing Atlanta and on the Board of Directors for organizations such as Advance Atlanta, the Georgia Association of Environmental Professionals, and Roswell Inc. Prior to joining her family's company, Sarah worked for several years in the nonprofit industry.

Sarah is presently working towards her doctorate (PHD) in environmental planning with a primary focus on city planning at the University of Georgia.  She also possesses a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from the University of Maryland, a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from UGA, and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Political Science from Georgia State University.  If elected, Sarah would contribute a unique perspective to Roswell’s City Council based upon her years of experience in business, advocacy, environmental management, and city planning.


Economic Growth

Sarah Beeson believes that it is the duty of our elected officials to be fiscally responsible with our taxpayer dollars. Through mindful budgeting, her goal will be to keep taxes low while supporting economic growth to increase the city's revenue. To keep Roswell livable and safe, we must work to keep Roswell financially resilient.


Our government should serve we the people, not just an elite few. Roswell deserves representation that understands the nuance in the geographic, economic, and social differences across the city. By seeking input from Roswell's residents directly — and not just those who are politically connected — Sarah's goal is to enact policies that will positively impact all of Roswell's residents. If we listen to Roswell's residents today, we can build a better tomorrow. 

Local Business

As someone running a Roswell-based small business, Sarah understands firsthand the challenges facing our local businesses. By focusing on economic development and giving Roswell a competitive edge, we can continue to recruit new businesses while supporting our existing companies and workforce. When our businesses succeed, Roswell succeeds. 


Roswell's convenient location adjacent to the Chattahoochee River has granted our city with natural beauty rivaled by none in the Metro Atlanta region. Sarah supports protecting our river, parks, and greenspace along with improving the resiliency of our city's infrastructure — such as stormwater management systems, transportation systems, recreation areas, and pedestrian/bicycle networks. By continuing to make Roswell more walkable and bikeable, we can improve the quality of life for all of our city's residents. 

Housing Choice

Sarah has been a vocal advocate for housing choice in the City of Roswell. Through encouraging options such as "missing middle housing" and transit-accessible walkable communities, Sarah believes that Roswell can recruit young professionals and their families while giving our generational residents the option to age in place. By keeping Roswell livable for all, we can support a thriving economy and diverse city without displacing our long-time residents.

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