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Sarah Beeson Featured on CBS46 News

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

During the City of Roswell's sweeping changes to the development code, Sarah spoke out about negative impacts on residents.

When Roswell City Council and Mayor initiated sweeping changes to Roswell's Unified Development Code, Sarah Beeson was one of the resolution's most vocal opponents.

“Instead of building a bigger wall to keep others out, I would rather build a bigger table and invest in our city.”

In her public comments to Roswell Mayor and Council, Sarah Beeson spoke in favor of housing choice. Beeson explained that by limiting housing options, rising rents will outpace surrounding communities -- in turn negatively impacting residents and local businesses. She went on to explain that the changes wouldn't necessarily help Council meet their stated goal of encouraging mixed-use development. Using data and recent studies, Beeson explained that this change would not only raise current rents, but it would limit the ability for young professionals to live in Roswell or for Roswell's senior community to downsize to condominiums. The changes would also limit the city's ability to encourage much needed missing middle housing options.

A Community Effort

Sarah Beeson was not the only community member on hand to give public comments against the permanent changes to the Unified Development Code. She organized more than twenty fellow moms, teachers, spouses of first responders, real estate professionals, and industry groups to join her in speaking out in support of housing choice.

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