"I believe public servants should serve their constituents. I believe in the Constitution. And I believe society can only be as strong as its weakest member. I will fight to ensure the people of Roswell, Mountain Park, Sandy Springs, Milton, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and Woodstock are fairly represented in the Georgia Senate. Because fair representation is what we deserve."
Infrastructure & Transit

In 2019, the Georgia Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers rated the state's infrastructure C+ — and our transit a D+. Expanding transit is the key to mobility for residents: both physical and economic. I support expanding transit and funding infrastructure investments to increase accessibility, sharpen our competitive edge, and provide more environmentally-friendly transportation options for residents.


Although Georgia's pre-K program is lottery-funded, it shouldn't be a lottery to determine who can enroll. Every child in Georgia should be guaranteed the option for placement in the state's preschool and early education program. I believe in local control of school systems and fully funding our public education programs — including paying our teachers fairly. But access to education shouldn't stop at high school graduation: Georgia's students deserve options for post-secondary education, including access to debt-free higher education, technical colleges, or skilled apprenticeship programs to prepare them to enter the workforce.


I believe in representing all Georgians — including women, minorities, LGBTQ people, and immigrants. From defeating discriminatory anti-LGBTQ legislation that rears its ugly head every legislative session to combating bigotry from being codified into Georgia law, I will fight to be the voice for the voiceless under the Gold Dome.


As an employer, I know first-hand the need for both educated, highly-skilled workers as well as a shovel-ready, trained labor force. I will work to ensure Georgia's businesses have access to the employees they need and Georgia's residents have access to the jobs they want — and are paid a fair living wage for their hard work.  


Every Georgian deserves access to high-quality, affordable healthcare, which is why I support:

  • Expanding Medicaid so we can better support pregnant women, children, retirees age 65 and older, and people who are legally blind or disabled

  • Keeping a woman's healthcare decisions between her and her doctor — not her and the government

  • Improving the quality of maternal healthcare, especially for women of color

  • Increasing access to mental health treatment options

  • Exploring more state-funded options based on the advice of medical professionals to overcome the opioid epidemic that is currently plaguing Georgia's 56th Senate District

Small Business

Nearly half of Georgians working non-public jobs are employed by a small business, which is why it's crucial for Georgia to remain a place that's great for business. I watched first-hand as my family's business grew from four employees at my parents' dining room table to more than fifty across three offices — headquarted in Roswell since 1998. As a member of the Leadership Council for the National Small Business Association, I am passionate about ensuring the success of small businesses in district and across the state while ensuring Georgia remains advantageous for large companies as well. 


Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our generation. I believe the Georgia Legislature needs to act now in order to protect future generations. Beyond a global scale, State Senate District 56 is home to the Chattahoochee River, Big Creek, Vickery Creek, and other environmentally-sensitive areas that need to remain protected. With a formal and working education in environmental management, my focus is to enact effective policies that protect Georgia's environment, preserve our natural resources, and reduce pollution in district and beyond.

Gun Safety

More people have died or been injured in mass school shootings in the United States in the 21st century thus far than in the entire 20th century. I support addressing the issue of gun violence on our school campuses, background checks for gun owners, and keeping guns out of the hands of those convicted of domestic abuse.


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